Humbled and Grateful

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Since opening the brewery we have found what a special place Maple Ridge is. Honestly, we’ve lived here most of our lives and we didn’t realize how tight knit the business community is. They have been nothing but welcoming and supportive. One of the main pillars of our business plan was community. Community involvement, giving back to the community, and using as many local products as possible.

One of the most satisfying aspects of this job is connecting with other businesses and seeing how we can help each other out. Once Upon a Tea Leaf were the people who gave us the idea of having yoga at the brewery and it has turned into an awesome event that’s a lot of fun to participate in. Right after we opened they asked if we could host a yoga class and this lead to monthly yoga nights and spurred the momentum to create more and different kinds of events.

We’re really excited about the relationship we’ve created with Humble Roots, a great addition to the local eateries. Kevin had a dream of doing a brewmasters dinner for awhile now and it became a reality. Tyler at Humble Roots was so helpful and enthusiastic about this collaboration and figuring out what food would pair best that his excitement made us more excited about the event. His passion for creating delicious food that is made with local ingredients makes us proud to be in collaboration with him.

Another aspect of community involvement that makes us excited is being able to give back to those in need. All the proceeds from our yoga nights goes to local families and organizations. One helped a local family who has a daughter fighting brain cancer. The strength and sense of humour of the mother is seriously humbling. This month the proceeds are going to the Family Education and Support Centre.

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